Mastic Footpath
Mastic Asphalt utilised as a paving material offers outstanding robustness and waterproofing characteristics. The smooth seamless surface it provides reduces the risks of slips and trips. As well as being a proven damp-proof membrane, mastic asphalt provides the ideal base for carpet, vinyl or other types of smooth flooring and is widely used indoors.  
Mastic Steps
Mastic Asphalt is most commonly for footpaths and flat roofs. Due to the excellent durability of mastic asphalt and its waterproofing properties it is an excellent choice for exterior steps or stairs. It is an especially effective material for high traffic areas.      
Tarmac carpark
Mastic Asphalt is a perfect material for car park applications – it can withstand the heavy passage of vehicles that car park applications require and has high standards of skid resistance.        
Mastic Asphalt used during utility trench reinstatements is ideal due to the smooth seamless surface it provides betwent he freshly laid Mastic Asphalt and the cuts around the excavation, reducing the risks of slips and trips. A key benefit is that it will be ready to be walked or driven across soon after being laid allowing access to the property due to the speed of curing.    
Pacopatch is a polymer modified Mastic Asphalt highway reinstatement system for reinstating the road surface around ironworks (Manholes, Gullies, Inspection cover, Valve Boxes, etc). Pacopatch is manufactured with a high percentage of recycled material and forms the bulk of the system providing dimensional stability. Pacopatch comes with a 5 year material warranty, is voidless, requires no compaction and can be trafficked within an hour of completion.
Mastic Asphalt for balconies is perfect due to it being cost effective, low maintenance, providing a smooth finish and most importantly, 100% waterproof. This provides a perfect base layer upon which decking or tiles can be added. Another benefit is that the life of a low traffic area, such as a balcony should easily be in excess of 30 years.    
Resin bond
Resin Bonding is another service which we can supply. It can be installed in private and commercial properties in a range of colours to contrast or blend in with the surroundings providing stunning results. The naturally rough textured finish offers anti slip qualities. It is long lasting and can withstand heavy use from footfall or vehicles. You can expect up to 15 years in the right location. The paving does not require a lot of maintenance, you will merely need to keep it swept regularly and occasionally jet washed in order to keep it looking fresh. Unlike loose gravel, resin bonding stays put so you do not have to replenish on a regular basis.